About Us

EMAP owns industry-leading brands that sit at the heart of business powerful B2B communities like Retail, Health, Construction, Architecture, and Fashion. 

Our purpose is to connect professional communities and inspire them to know, to grow, progress and win.  Brands such as HSJ and Retail Week create deep relationships and unparalleled reach, to increase value for our customers. 

We deliver this through senior networking events; industry leading awards; online data products; social media communities; headline conferences and, of course, critical insight, news and analysis.  We hear the market agenda, and create innovative solutions and better ways for our advertisers and sponsors to connect with their audience. We provide highly valued subscription services and are rewarded by a following. 

Always independent, relentlessly inquisitive, EMAP embodies quality, market-leading journalism. We act as the ultimate industry insider, and strive to always be the trusted authority.

For our customers, EMAP provides the best possible way to connect with their world. We are their competitive advantage.

EMAP Values

Market-leading content
We exist to investigate, report, share, and enhance an industry’s intelligence. We do it with the smartest people, highest integrity and deepest knowledge. Now, in the digital era, we craft and curate it: more personal, faster, filtered, on target and market-leading.

A tight network - its passionate spirit and deep understanding - makes a market go. We know the market inside out, nothing and no one escapes our attention. We’re its fulcrum, and bring people close together as a community of unified interest.

What we do matters. We hear the market agenda, ask the important questions and suggest innovative solutions. That’s how we create new and better ways for our advertisers and sponsors to connect with their audience. Every one of our customers should win.

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