Customer Testimonials

"Construction News is a quality and informative magazine and is on the industry's side."

Martin Smout, Chairman and Chief Executive, GB Building Solutions

"The (AJ) content has always been accessible and appropriate, particularly the building studies. We often refer to them for precedents when presented with new projects."

Chris Brimble, Managing Director, Arden Kitt Associates Ltd

"If you work in fashion, it's [Drapers] where to go.” 

Emma King, Betty Barclay

“In the rapidly changing NHS, if you want to get the up-to-date information just click and go to HSJ. It's like the BBC of the health-related websites, most reliable, most likely to be accurate and it's also very easy to find what you need.”

Andrew Vinter, Integrated Healthcare Manager, GlaxoSmithKline PLC

“With such rapidly changing legislation affecting the heating and ventilation industry it makes H&V News absolutely critical to the industry.”

Ant Wilson, Business Unit Director, Building Engineering, AECOM
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