Drapers is the primary source for authoritative business intelligence for the fashion industry in the UK and Irish Republic. Its unique position embraces all elements of this complex sector, from womenswear to menswear to kidswear, from textiles to clothing to footwear, from retailing to wholesaling to manufacturing, and from independents boutiques to national multiples to fast-growing etailers.

Since it first appeared as The Drapers’ Record on 6 August 1887, the title has been the number one provider of news, views, information and analysis for the sector. Today the magazine is augmented by a stylish and content-rich website and app (available for iOS and Android), which provide the industry with breaking new stories, up-to-the-minute reactions, exclusive video coverage and specially-commissioned in-depth reports.

Drapers organises a year-long network of events that bring together the disparate constituents of the fashion business. It runs four national awards annually: the Drapers Awards for major retailers and their suppliers; the Drapers Independents Awards for fashion boutiques and the brands they stock; the Drapers Footwear & Accessories Awards for this sophisticated sector; and the Etail Awards for this fast-growing route to market.

It also brings together leading personalities and experts in the fashion retailing world through its annual conferences, the Drapers Fashion Summit and the Drapers Digital Forum. The rising stars of the industry are brought together – free of charge – at Drapers Next Generation Academy, where top names from the sector share their tips on building a high-flying career.   

High-flyers are also brought together at the Drapers Inner Circle dinners, which are designed to allow CEOs and main board directors to discuss matters of the day in a convivial and discreet setting.

Whether it is discussing people, product, places, performance, propositions or prices, Drapers’ astonishing heritage and credibility lend it an enviable authority and a unique role within the fashion business. 

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