Keeping you current, creative and contemporary with the latest fashion news, catwalk trends and exclusive interviews, Drapers is the kind of best friend everyone working in the fashion industry should have. Alongside the latest news, key business data, the latest vacancies and top trend tips we host some of the most glittering awards ceremonies and events.

For more than 125 years we have been keeping the fashion industry current. Whether you need to know what is next season’s must, whose collections are tearing up the catwalks or want to mingle with the industry’s finest - Drapers can get you there.

Now, with the fashion industry moving faster than ever we are a constant at all of the major trade events and every single fashion week worldwide. Drapers gives you access to all of events you can’t get to, and will show you all of the collections that you might have missed.

With Drapers you can get inspiration from our pages, insight online and access to the good and the great of the fashion industry in person. 

"If you work in fashion, it's [Drapers] where to go"
Emma King, Betty Barclay

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