HSJ is the brand for all healthcare leaders working in, for, or with the NHS.  It is the only resource to cover planning, organisation, financing and performance of all aspects of the NHS at national and local level.

With an audience drawn from clinical and non-clinical disciplines and from public and private sector backgrounds - HSJ unites leaders with their peers through print, online, mobile, HSJ TV, social media, and face to face at bespoke events, conferences, awards ceremonies and more.

HSJ tells you what’s really going on in the NHS at a policy and practical level capturing the views of leaders from government, commissioning and the hospital sectors who together constitute the NHS’s most important decision makers.

HSJ provides unique insight from the most influential people in health, for the most influential people in health.

In the rapidly changing NHS, if you want to get the up-to-date information just click and go to HSJ. It’s like the BBC of the health-related websites, most reliable, most likely to be accurate and it’s also very easy to find what you need.

Andrew Vinter, Integrated Healthcare Manager, GlaxoSmithKline PLC

Why do I read HSJ? Because it provides the most comprehensive and insightful coverage of what is really going on in the NHS, from both policy and practical perspectives, and follows the key figures within the healthcare sector. What do I get from it? It acts as an ‘early warning system’ for my business - identifying the issues that we need to be thinking about and addressing with our clients and prospects; the market needs where we need to develop and offer services; and the people that we need to get in front of.

Peter Edwards, Senior Partner, Capsticks

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Alastair McLellan
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Senior correspondent
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Crispin Dowler
Bureau chief
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Ben Clover
Senior correspondent
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Adele Waters
Executive editor
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Deputy executive editor
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Content Curator
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Project Editor
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Research manager
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Andy Cowper
Opinion Editor
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Andrew Snowball
Head of Engagement
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News manager
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Editorial Projects Assistant
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Editorial Projects Assistant
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Jason Winthrop
Head of Sales
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Hollie Lundgren
Subscriptions Marketing Manager
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For enquiries about how HSJ can help you recruit within your organisation

E-mail: recruitment.solutions@emap.com

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