Quality Food Awards

The Quality Food Awards are the most prestigious awards for food and drink products on sale in UK grocery outlets. What sets these awards apart is the impartiality and robustness of the judging process, which rightly sits at the heart of everything we do.

Our judging panel is comprised of experts from many different industry disciplines and our judges are a vital component of the validity and robustness of the results. They take every aspect of a product into consideration rewarding: great flavours, high-quality ingredients, excellent value for money and outstanding packaging, which increases the retail success of a product.

The Quality Food Awards were established over 35 years ago. The portfolio has grown significantly and now it also includes: the Quality Drink Awards, the Wholesale Quality Food & Drink Awards, the Irish Quality Food & Drink Awards and a new venture – the Café Quality Food & Drink Awards – due to launch in Autumn 2014.