The Architectural Review

The Architectural Review (AR) is the leading authority on contemporary architecture in the world, a position it has held unrivaled since 1896.

Skeptical of fashions and fads, the AR scours the globe for architecture that challenges and inspires, and commissions critics and photographers to capture and judge the success of a project based not only on its artistic or technical achievements, but on its social, political and ecological impact on the place and its people. The AR offers its unique perspective to the biggest issues of our time, from housing to the urban condition, commissioning foreign correspondents to critique emerging architecture while using its immense archive of historical reports on buildings once new and still standing to provide the long view.

Through its awards programme, the AR celebrates and redefines excellence and crowns the stars of tomorrow. In print, online, in film and on podcast, the AR continues to define and shape architecture of the present and future.