Associate Editor

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New Civil Engineer
Employment Type: 
Permanent Full Time
Telephone House - Old Street

Fundamentally New Civil Engineer exists to enable infrastructure professionals to better themselves and the companies they work for so that they are better able to deliver the infrastructure that is needed by their clients and by society at large.

We do that by ensuring they have access to the latest information on technical innovation, technology advances, global opportunities, skills’ needs and business change initiatives aimed at boosting productivity in the industry.

The audience is 90,000 infrastructure professionals who are typically working for infrastructure clients, designers and deliverers around the world. Our print audience is 48,000 with the rest able to access our content digitally.

We are seeking someone with a talent for writing precise, accurate copy that can be used by professional engineers to enhance their careers. The role will involve working closely with industry partners to ensure that content is useful, actionable and of clear interest to our readers. 

We are looking for an accomplished writer who is looking to build on those skills and combine them with an editing and client-facing role. We are looking for someone who is happy self-delivering but is equally keen to act as a ambassador for the brand and work with clients in delivering high quality, technically-accurate, useful and actionable content that helps civil engineers with their careers and helps our clients build their brand. We would support you in your transition from writer to desk editor and you will have a freelance budget to support you and help you manage your workload.

We have no specific requirements for shorthand or use of digital content management systems. The key skill requirement is your passion for writing accurate copy and ability to communicate and work with other team members and our clients.

Key Accountabilities: 
  • Source, manage delivery of and edit weekly Industry View page, a mock-interview with a senior industry figure, ghost writing where required; ensure copy meets editorial brief and images are supplied.
  • Manage delivery of quarterly Insight reports providing research-based insight into the impact of key industry change initiatives such as action on skills and digital transformation of the industry; conducting research, sourcing interviews and writing copy. Sourcing images and liaising with client on edits and proofs. Produce digital longform version and executive summary for print edition
  • Manage delivery of monthly Tech Showcase section, providing case studies on technical and technological innovation, ensuring supplied copy meets editorial brief and images are supplied
  • Manage delivery of occasional digital white papers, providing background and summaries of key industry topics, carrying out research, writing & editing copy and liaising with client over proofs
  • Manage delivery of biannual BSCA supplements, providing case studies on steel construction techniques, editing copy and liaising with client over proofs
  • Manage delivery of quarterly Infrastructure Insight supplements, offering insight into the business of civil engineering, writing & editing copy and liaising with client over proofs
  • Manage delivery of British Construction Industry Awards supplement, showcasing excellence in civil engineering project delivery, writing and editing copy
  • Manage delivery of NCE100 supplement, showcasing the best civil engineering companies to work for, writing and editing copy
  • Write and produce content to promote and showcase New Civil Engineer’s annual conference programme: Airports conference, UK Transport, Festival of Innovation and Technology (TechFest), Tunnelling Festival
  • Write and produce content to promote and showcase New Civil Engineer’s annual awards programme: NCE100 Companies of the Year, British Construction Industry Awards, TechFest Awards, Tunnelling Awards, Graduate of the Year Awards.

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