Ground Engineering  - the leading source of information on geotechnical engineering, engineering geology and geo-environmental engineering

GE serves the ground engineering and geotechnics industry, both in the UK and internationally. The brand has gained this position by continuing to deliver technical detail, insight and intelligence into the sector since its launch in 1968.

Today GE delivers an essential source of news, view and market content with daily updates delivered through a monthly publication and www.geplus.co.uk, which also contains an archive of every technical paper ever published by GE to maximise readers’ learning and development opportunities.

GE also holds a series conferences each year to deliver more in depth insight and continuing professional development for delegates, while the brand’s and awards programme celebrates the companies, schemes and individuals that make up this innovative industry.

Nowhere else do I get both the latest industry news and technical developments within the geotechnical engineering world

Lee Mitchell, Senior Engineer

GE offers the best technical papers and guidance available

Jacob O'Reilly, Assistant Geotechnical Engineer

I read GE every month.  It gives a good overview of industry developments, changes and future opportunities

Judith Sunderland, Geotechnical Consultant

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Emma Rowland

Commercial Director

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Matthew Foster
Account Manager
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