emap is a B2B content, subscription & networking business. We connect influential people and organisations to a high-value network of decision-makers, data and ideas through our industry-leading portfolio of brands.

Our history

emap has its own distinguished history, starting in 1887 with founder Sir Richard Winfrey.

The name emap was adopted in 1987.

emap Publishing was purchased by Metropolis in 2017.

Specialising in business & consumer media, Metropolis operates in two main businesses: 

  • emap for its B2B brands  
  • Diamond for its niche B2C media 

Metropolis was established in 1994 and started with a handful of entrepreneurs working from a room in West London. Metropolis is now one of the UK’s leading niche media owners, employing over 400 people in offices in West London, Croydon, Shoreditch, Bolton, Dublin, and Chester.