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Joining emap

Our people work very closely with the industries and people they support on a daily basis, bringing events, content and other services to them with skill, commitment and dedication. We work in small, dynamic, flexible and hard-working teams at a fast pace.

Collaboration, personal learning and development, and job fulfilment are all front and centre in our minds. It’s important to us that people have fun at work and enjoy what they do.

Don’t just take our word for it though!


Excellent Ethos

We have the privilege of helping sectors share ideas, experiences and best practice that matter to all of us. emap has an excellent ethos – we strive to be the best we can be and to provide the best possible service to our customers.


Robin Booth
Managing Director


emap has a culture of celebration and recognition that motivates and inspires me to do my best work. Whether it’s an individual or team success, each one is celebrated with excitement and appreciation.


Mandeep Singh
Service Desk Analyst

Shared Goals

I highly recommend working at emap to anyone who values creativity and collaboration. The team provides a nurturing environment where you can thrive, while also working towards shared goals with like-minded colleagues. 


Kimberley Dondo
Digital Content Manager

Team Atmosphere

The best thing about working here is the people and the passion they have for the brands. There is a great team atmosphere, and you work closely with people from across all divisions with varying expertise who you can learn from.


Lisa Duranti
Campaign Marketing Manger

The People

emap’s culture is of the utmost importance to me. It’s the people here that make it the best place I’ve ever worked. I’m passionate about finding intelligent, and ambitious people who will keep our culture thriving as we grow.


Bobby Pepelyashka
Internal Recruiter

Work/Life Balance

After working through lockdown and Covid, it became clear to me how much I valued a work/life balance and I couldn’t be more pleased to find an employer that prioritises this just as much. Working at emap is fantastic. 


Ben Miller
Commercial Director

Welcoming Environment

emap has been instrumental in nurturing my personal and professional development. Our team creates a warm and welcoming environment that not only embraces our ideas but also fosters continuous learning from one another. 


Mary McCarthy
Event Manager

Varied Work

My work is varied and I am able to pick up a lot of things and work on various projects. I also get to attend numerous different events and conferences for the brand that I work on, Property Week, which is really nice and fun. 


Ada Ughanwa
Client Solutions Executive

Training & Development

At emap, we believe that employee learning and development are the key drivers of our success. To ensure continuous growth and meet the ever-changing demands of the workplace, we provide an environment that fosters continuous development for our employees, which is one of the top ten reasons people join emap.

Career Development

To support our employees’ career development, we have designed specialised programmes, as well as other stand-alone role-specific and generic courses, under the emap academy. Our programmes are tailored to meet the specific needs of our employees.


The company is committed to emap being a happy and healthy place to work, and to recognising loyal employees. These are some non-salary benefits and services the company provides for its employees.

Vision and Values

– Vision –

To create long-term sustainable profitable futures for the great brands we own.

Our mission is to engage deeply with industry communities across multiple platforms, serving our audiences with expert journalism, great events, information, insight and networking connections to enable them to successfully develop their businesses, careers and passions.


Inclusion & Diversity

– I&D mission –

Making people feel safe, secure and, above all, supported

A group of colleagues within emap have joined together to form an Inclusion & Diversity Team. The aim of the team is to promote inclusion and diversity in our company, which will make us stronger, more responsive and representative, and better equipped to adapt, grow and change. We have a broader responsibility to society to do this and will be using our influence and power to drive diversity, equality and inclusion within our communities and markets.



The group has already been the catalyst for various different I&D Initiatives within the company, working proactively to ensure inclusion and value diversity.


We’re always on the lookout for entrepreneurial talent. Browse our opportunities below and join one of our award-winning teams!