Training & Development
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Here at emap, we consider employee learning & development very fundamental to the continuous success of our businesses. As a result, we provide an environment where continuous development takes place, and employees are supported to meet the ever-changing demands and priorities of the workplace.

To achieve this goal, our employees are encouraged to identify respective areas of personal and professional development focused on strategic areas (Management & People; Health & Safety; Wellbeing; Sales; Events; Marketing; Editorial; Information Technology), and we have a framework to help equip employees with the right knowledge, skills and behaviours required to deliver in their job roles, which ultimately contributes value towards achieving organizational objectives.

We have the following specialist career development programmes on offer under the auspices of our emap academy:

Editorial Development Programme  

This is a structured 12–18-month programme designed for our budding reporters/journalists, to provide them with a clear career path and help them develop requisite skills for a successful career in journalism.

Below are some of the courses available to journalists on the development plan and also to more experienced journalists:  

  • Writing for Specialist Audience; Sub-Editing & Proof Reading; Data/Open-source Journalism; Media Law  
  • Internal 'Lunch & Learn' sessions (SEO & Writing for Web, WordPress CMS, Financial Reporting, Freedom of Information (FOI) Requests, Using Social Media to Promote Content and Commercial Content Creation - Working with Clients)


Editorial Training  

In addition to the development programme for our budding reporters/journalists, we are committed to providing a wide range of training for all our editorial staff. The training is designed to help them continuously improve their skills, helping them deliver the outstanding content emap is renowned for.

We run at least four courses each year suitable for journalists at all levels. Recent courses, delivered by external highly experienced trainers have included:  

  • Media Law - ensuring editors and senior editorial staff are up to speed with the latest issues.
  • Advanced Writing - equipping journalists with the language of story and structure.
  • Public Speaking - practical sessions for staff that deliver events speeches.
  • Event Chairing - how to chair webinars, podcasts, roundtables and panel debates.
  • Data Journalism and Open Source Intelligence - how to produce an OSINT/data-led story.
  • Understanding Analytics - how to use analytics to inform decision making.

Sales Development Programme 

This is a 4-day programme designed for our experienced sales professionals, to provide them with skillset and the latest trends helpful to create outstanding impact with sales clients, and to ensure successful selling.

These are some of the topics covered during the programme:

  • Understanding Clients; Sales pitching and meetings; Rethinking Proposal Writing

Marketing Development Programme 

This is an online self-paced but structured programme designed for our marketing executives and managers to provide them with relevant skills for executing a marketing strategy. It features approximately 60 hours of online self-study across 6 topics and offers the opportunity to earn a globally recognized professional certification with the Digital Marketing Institute.

The programme covers the skills areas below:

  • Email Marketing; Content Marketing; PPC & Search Advertising; Data & Web Analytics; SEO/Digital Display Advertising/Digital Strategy

Management Development Programme  

This is a structured 13-month programme designed for our team leaders/supervisors with first-line management roles, to help them develop skills necessary for managing their teams to deliver defined organizational goals. The programme is funded and governed by the national apprenticeship standards.

Below are some of the topics covered during the programme:

  • Managing Self; Team Leadership; Time Management; Problem Solving; Communication; Building High Performing Teams; Data Analysis; Project Management; Corporate Governance etc.