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Local Government faces increasing challenges and an ever-expanding volume of information about policy and performance. LGC provides the best possible insight to help councils transform local government and deliver better local services.

Free from political bias, LCG experts investigate and analyse local government’s biggest issues. We provide an early warning system, offering best possible insights on policy and giving opportunities through knowledge of what is working well for other councils. LGC’s purpose is to filter what’s important so chief executives and other top officerscan improve future planning, by facing tomorrow’s issues today.

Since 1856 LGC has been the independent voice at the heart of Local Government. Today, LGC’s digital services and networking events focus on most important developments and provide exclusive data and best practice to aid decision-making.


In print and online, LGC combines substantial news coverage with excellent analysis and informed comment from the leading voices in the local government sector.

Graham Burgess,Chief Executive, Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council

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