AI search engine added to Nursing Times

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In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has grown to be a very powerful tool to have in the workplace. It can increase efficiency, streamline processes and even create some amazing designs in seconds. 

One huge advancement is the introduction of AI-powered search engines. Artificial Intelligence, with its ability to analyse vast amounts of data, means that its able to register a request, search through exactly what you tell it to, and come back with the exact answers you are looking for. 

One of our brands, Nursing Times, is leading the charge with the launch of its new AI-powered search engine Ask Nursing Times. All you have to do is simply type in a question about nursing, and the search engine will scan the Nursing Times website of more than 6,000 double-blind peer-reviewed articles, as well as news, features and opinions, to try and find you the answer.

After the AI tool has scanned the Nursing Times website, it will give you a short summary in response to your question, citing the articles that it is sourced from for further reading and suggesting additional questions and articles that might be of interest to you, based on your original question. 

This new feature is only going to be a huge benefit for the Nursing Times audience, saving nursing staff time when they want to find the information they need. With the profession being a very time pressured environment, we hope to see this become a very helpful tool for all nurses. 

If you are already benefiting from being a Nursing Times subscriber, you can simply log in and start using Ask Nursing Times, as much as you want, straight away. Meanwhile, if you register for free, then you can still try it out a couple of times, but this could be a good reason to start your Nursing Times subscription. 

We want as many of our audiences as possible to be able to benefit from this software, so as well as Nursing Times, we’re going to be rolling out AI search engines to Architects Journal and other brands within our portfolio in due course.

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