The money marketing awards are back for 2021

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This year we have introduced four new award categories:

• Adviser Personality of the Year
• Charity Champion of the Year
• Financial Wellbeing Champion of the Year
• Adviser Technology Provider of the Year

And we have changed the process for the provider categories by opening them up for companies to submit their entries directly.

Money Marketing’s editor Katey Pigden said: “As 2019 drew to a close, there was a feel of great optimism for not only the new year but also the new decade. Predictions of a 2020 vision were aplenty but as we all know sadly it wasn’t long before that optimistic feeling was suppressed and suddenly our health and wealth were brought into sharper focus.

“But despite the many challenges, financial advisers continued to support their clients and keep them on track. Several will have gone above and beyond to ensure people got the help they needed. And the businesses that support advisers in the work they do also had to adapt.

“Overall, the industry kept going and even managed to innovate during this time. New processes were introduced in a matter of weeks, if not days, which would have taken months, if not years, prior to the pandemic.”

She added: “At Money Marketing, we think it’s important to recognise and reward the hard work of the advice profession and the providers which give advisers and their clients the products, services and solutions they need. We have introduced some new categories for this year and are very much looking forward to celebrating the achievements of what was a very difficult 2020.

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