Inclusion & Diversity

Inclusion & Diversity

A group of colleagues at emap joined together to form the Inclusion & Diversity Team in 2022. Its aim is to promote inclusion and diversity in our company, which will make us stronger, more responsive and representative, and better equipped to adapt, grow and change.

The group has already been the catalyst for various different I&D initiatives within the company, working proactively to ensure inclusion and value diversity.

One initiative created by team, Ramp It Up!, is a not-for-profit campaign, gently encouraging venues and AV production companies to provide handrailed ramp access for free and as a standard provision at all conferences, award ceremonies and events in the UK and Ireland.

The aims:

  • Allow diverse voices to be heard and flourish within our organisation and beyond.
  • Make our company stronger, more responsive, more representative, and better equipped to adapt, grow and improve.
  • Grow the team, and act as facilitators for diversity and inclusion initiatives within the company. It is anticipated that different groups will emerge and work with the team to allow these multiple initiatives to take place.
  • Improve representation throughout our company communications and on our website – we want to create a calendar of events and possible initiatives that will celebrate diversity and inclusion in our company in thoughtful rather than tokenistic ways.
  • Regularly communicate initiatives via a regular email.
  • Mark religious festivals with thoughtful initiatives, rather than ‘official’ statements posted on our website, or on LinkedIn.

We aim to make people from diverse backgrounds feel safe, secure and, above all, supported. We have a broader responsibility to society to do this and will be using our influence and power to drive diversity, equality and inclusion within our communities and markets.