The March 50:50 Project numbers are out

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We have been a founding partner of the BBC 50:50 The Equality Project since 2019 with 14 of our brands taking part. The aim is for the brands to have 50% female experts within their publications and at their events. Some industries are heavily male dominated like engineering; however, the editorial teams continue to make solid progress to fairly represent the industries they serve.

Out of the 14 brands taking part, 12 of them have shown improvement since their first month joining the project, with the star of the show being Ground Engineering, showing some incredible change since their first month.

Drapers, DFNI Frontier, Ground Engineering, Retail Jeweller, The Money Pages and What Mortgage all managed to hit the target of having 50% or more female experts within their publications and at their events, with a few other brands getting close to that mark.

There is still work to be done to improve these figures, but our brands will continue to make improvements and actively make a change in their industries, helping to give a fairer voice to women in these areas.

Commenting on the emap results Martin Quinn, 50:50 Project lead, said:

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